Regarding the expansion of water business investment overseas, the Company focuses on expanding the business in the Republic of Myanmar with the rationale “Understand, Access, Develop”. Given this, the Company collaborated with Mawlumyine University in operating the project, comprising 2 phases:

Phase 1
The development features 3 dimensions; hardware, software and peopleware, by donating water quality analysis equipment, laboratory and safety management system and training on water quality analysis, as well as a study trip in Thailand. The activities were executed in early 2016.
Phase 2
Water quality study was conducted for key river basins; Yangon River, Bago River, Sittaung River, Salween River, Ataran River, Irrawaddee River, and Moei River. The study was conducted in a seasonal manner, which is now in progress. The objective is to encourage learning on water quality and quality of life, leading to sustainability in business development in new territories, and it also induce responses of the community’s demand, which will further facilitate an understanding of the water quality over the long run.