CK Power PCL

CK Power PCL (CKP) was established by Chor. Karnchang PCL (Chor. Karnchang Group) and was registered on June 8, 2011, with the registered capital of 1,000,000 million Baht. The objective of the Company is to be the leader of Chor. Karnchang Group that focuses on the power production from different energy sources. The Company operates by holding shares in other companies (holding company) that produce and deliver electricity from different energy sources. The major source of revenue is from dividends received from investment in subsidiaries and affiliates. The Company then got listed as a public company on February 6, 2013, and the Company’s common stocks were listed as registered securities available for trading in the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) on July 16, 2013, with the registered capital of 5,500 million Baht and it was fully paid up. On April 10, 2015, the Company increased capital injection to 9,240 million Baht and currently, the Company’s paid up capital amounts to 7,370 million Baht.

At the moment, the Company invested in 6 companies that operate electricity generation and distribution businesses, which can be categorized into 3 types of electricity projects; hydropower, co-generation, and solar power. In this regard, the Company’s stake is Southeast Asia Energy Co., Ltd. (“SEAN”) accounts for 56%, whereby SEAN has 75% stake in Nam Ngum 2 Power Co., Ltd. (“NN2”). NN2 is a core company of Bang Pa-In Cogeneration Co., Ltd. (“BIC”), with 65% of total shares. CKP’s stake in Bangkhenchai Co., Ltd. (“BKC”) accounts for 100%. Besides, the Company has stakes in 3 other affiliates, with 30% of ownership in every company, namely, Xayaburi Power Co., Ltd. (“XPCL”), Chiangrai Solar Co., Ltd. (“CRS”) and Nakhon Ratchasima Solar Co., Ltd. (“NRS”).

The majority of electricity projects in which the Company invested has already commenced commercial operations. However, there are 2 projects under construction; BIC’s co-generation power plant project 2 (BIC-2), which is expected to achieve COD in the middle of 2017; and XPCL’s Xayaburi Hydropower project (“Xayaburi”), with the expected COD in late 2019.

Type of Business Holding shares of other companies (Holding Company) operating electricity generation and distribution businesses from different energy sources.
Registered Capital 9,240,000,000 Baht
Common Stocks 9,240,000,000 Shares
Par Value 1 Baht per Share
Paid-up Capital 7,370,000,000 Baht

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