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consumption , and to use in production of industry , Thai Tap Water Supply Public Company Limited focus on improvement of water quality according to international standard based on three main principle which are clean, sufficiency, continuous. Everyone could trust in our tap water to use for maximum benefits on all aspects.


We use computer systems to control production and distribution of water. That is why we can control quality at all times. Including inspection and verification of water quality from the Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health. To be confident that our tap water distributed by the company are clean ….”Thai Tap water can drink … quality”.


We provide the treatment system with a capacity up to an average of 440,000 cubic meters per day. As well as design of water storage 5 places could storage the trap of water maximum to 156,000 cubic meters. We are assured that all the area of water supply service will have sufficiency of compression and water tap all times.


we have designed and installed of production units and also pumps of reserved water in case of emergency and used computer in administration and maintenance to support water distribution to consumers all continuously 24 hours.

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