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At present, the air pollution and global warming is mainly caused by exhaust emission. During the combustion of fuels from raw oil. Therefore, these problems can be changed by changes in the energy sectors. The way of this changes must consider the sufficient of energy in the future. Thai Tap Water Supply Public Company Limited well realized this issues, therefore, we began to study and invest in the projects to monitor new technology to prepare for the implementation of alternative energy as properly and for the benefit of using energy-efficient and environmental sustainable.

Solar energy

Solar energy is first priority renewable energy , since solar cells can be used to generate electricity power directly. As well as it is a clean energy that does not make any toxic interaction to environment.
Wind energy

Wind energy is another alternative which we are interested to develop. In addition to use widely such as electricity generation and the process of pumping water, the wind energy is a natural pure resource and never endless from the world. It is not only primary energy that used widely around the world. It has technology in a step of stable process. Besides that, it is a new project for Thailand which have a few developers , therefore, we hope to be one of pioneer participants wind energy in Thailand.

Other energy

There are other renewable energy that we give attention to develop for expanding from our service in the future. Such as Biomass , the burning fuel from bio or living thing such as wood, firewood , rick husk , bagasse , wood , grass residues from agriculture for power generator or temperature energy which are renewable energy generation in the world.

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