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Corporate Profile

Since 2004, Thai Tap Water Public Company Limited (TTW) has been the tap water producer and distributor to the Provincial Waterworks Authority (PWA) in West Bangkok covering 2 provinces; i.e., Nakhon Pathom Province (Nakhonchaisri District, Sampran District, and Phuttamonthon District) and Samutsakhon Province (Mueang District and Krathumbaen District). The company had the maximum production capacity of 440,000 m3/day and the minimum tap water purchase contract from PWA was at 318,000 m3/day or about70% of the maximum production capacity.

In 2013, the company sold 136,086,107 million m3 of tap water to PWA and the total accumulated tap water sale volume was at 1,010,043,195 million m3. In the future, the company prepares Expansion of Plant II, to increase the production capacity of 100,000 m3/day, which for subsidiaries and associated companies including BIE right purchase. Business characteristic of each entity as below

Pathum Thani Tap Water Company Limited

Pathum Thani Tap Water Company Limited (PTW) is the company’s subsidiary. The company’s investment was 98% of registered capital or accounting of 1,200 million baht, which engaging in tap water production and distribution to PWA in Pathum Thani-Rangsit areas since 1998. Currently, its maximum production capacity is at 388,000 m3/day and the minimum tap water purchase contract from PWA is at 330,000 m3/day, about 85% of the maximum production capacity. Throughout 2013, PTW sold 137,210,372 million m3 of tap water to PWA and the total accumulated sale volume was at 1,447,435,298 million m3. Anyway, Pathum Thani Water Co.,Ltd. has constructed the new distribution station with capacity of 50,000 m3/day in order to deliver its tap water to Muang Ake, by which, this new distribution station will solve the water scarcity in Muang Ake area.

Thai Water Operations Company Limited

Thai Water Operations Company Limited (TWO) is the company’s subsidiary, 68% holding by TTW and 32% holding by PTW, which engaging in administration and management of tap water production and distribution system and waste water treatment system for PTW, Bang Pa-In Industrial Estate, Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate and Amata City Industrial Estate. TWO has culminated in its ISO 9001:2008 accreditation received from SGS Yarsley. This certifies that TWO has reliable service of operation, maintenance and management project in Pathum Thani, Thammasat and Rangsit area.
Bang Pa-In Industrial Estate
The company purchased the rights to produce tap water and wastewater treatment in Bang Pa-In Industrial Estate (BIE), Phranakorn Sri Ayuttaya Province, from Bang Pa-In Land Co., Ltd. The right period is 30 years starting from August 2009. The production capacity of tap water is at 48,000 m3/day and wastewater treatment capacity was at 18,000 m3/day. Throughout 2013, tap water sale volume was recorded at 6,948,639 million m3, the total accumulated sale volume of 26,700,699.47 million m3. The objective on the BIE right purchase is to reduce revenue reliance on PWA which is the company’s sole customer. In addition, the new business will increase skill, knowledge, and experience of the company’s personnel as a direct service provider. This is the first step to achieve the company’s vision of "Being the national leading company in water, energy, and environment businesses”.
Investment in Associated
In 2011, The company acquired the common stock of CK Power Company Limited (CKP) from CH. Karnchang Public Company Limited by 1,100,000 shares, Bangkok Expressway Public Company by 1,200,000 shares and Bang Pa-in Land Development Company Limited (BLDC) by 699,999 shares in addition to 1 shares previously held by the company. Therefore, the company totally held CKP common stock by 3,000,000 shares at 10 baht per shares representing of 30 million bahts or 30% of its registered capital at 100 million bahts. In 2012, CKP increased its registered capital from 100 million bahts to 9,200 million bahts. In order for the company to maintain its shareholding portion in CKP by 30%, the company, then, acquired CKP new shares by 273,000,000. Having combined the new shares with the previous ones, the company now held CKP common shares by 276,000,000 shares or 30% of CKP registered capital by 920,000,000 shares. In 2013, CKP, as the company limited, is converted to be CK Power Public Company Limited and has been listed in the stock exchange of Thailand under its registered capital of 5,500 million bahts. As a consequence, the company has divested CKP common stock by 999,999 shares on Initial Public Offering. Thus, after CKP becomes the listed company in the stock market, CKP common stock held by the company is reduced from 30% to 25%.
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