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Business Structure
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5-year policies covering the period from 2013-2017

Thai Tap Water Supply Public Company Limited


1. to give the top priority to community waste water treatment and renewable energy business. To
finance such business, an increase in capital will be the last alternative;
2. to maintain all risks at an acceptable level by means of implementing an effective risk
management system. Such system will be regularly updated in order to ensure its correspondence
to current circumstance;
3. to provide service to both direct and indirect customers in tap water, waste water treatment,
energy and environment businesses with utmost satisfaction;
4. to treat business partners at all levels in a fairly manner;
5. to recognize an importance of staff and treat them as one of the company's most important
assets. Skills and  knowledge of the company's and its subsidiary's staff will be continuously
improvement by making at least 70% of promotion to titles of section chiefs and higher be those
from the company or its subsidiary;
6. to grow together with community and environment by focusing on contribution to community and
environmental conservation;
7. to conduct the company's business on the basis of Excellent Corporate Governance for stable,
continuous and sustainable growth.

Approved by BoD 3/2012 dated 26 July 2012

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