TTW PCL strongly believes that the sustainable success of a business not only depends on the accountability towards the operating performance, but also on the involvement in the development of communities in which the Company operates, as well as the society as a whole. Thus, our mission is to “nurture firm, consistent and sustainable growth to achieve the desired vision, balancing the needs of customers, employees, shareholders, communities and environment”. In this regard, the Company will be taking care of the community and environment, with the attention on effective water production and distribution, together with environmental conservation, community and social development to maintain economic, social and environmental well-being, which will lead to the country’s sustainable development via the following social responsibility directives:

Encouraging good governance culture in the organization-wide manner as planned, in order to adapt the practices in work processes and in daily lives.
Encouraging risk management culture in an organization-wide manner as planned, in to adapt the practices in work processes and in daily lives.
Minimizing risk and increasing opportunities to operate the tap water business by constructing Krathumbaen Tap Water Plant in Samutsakorn.
Incorporation of the advanced membrane technology that is internationally accepted to use in the tap water production at Krathumbaen Tap Water Plant, Samutsakorn.
Laying the gutter (Box Culverts) with the automatic drainage system to drain standing water on the road surface on Setthakit Road, Krathumbaen, Samutsakorn for a distance of 1,500 meters. The total project value is 37,503,870 Baht.
Execution of activities and projects on social responsibility.
Encouraging and fostering awareness in employees to be good members of the society and to sacrifice for the public by recruiting volunteers to join in activities for public causes.
Holding the occupational training courses for all levels of employees to enhance knowledge, competency and increase opportunity for career advancement.
The Tap Water Sediment Research Project for Product Development to alleviate burden in getting rid of the sediment and to improve occupational skills for community members living near Pathumthani Tap Water Plant, Pathumthani.
The Office Building Construction Project following the Green Architecture model at Krathumbaen Tap Water Plant, Samutsakorn.
Banglen Tap Water Plant, Nakhonpathom, participated in the Energy Conservation Project or Demand Response 2017 held by Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency.
Solar Rooftop Installation Research Project on clear water tanks at Banglen Tap Water Plant, Nakhonpathom.
1 Million Seedlings for Upstream Reforestation Project for 5,000 rais and 1,000,000 trees in the deteriorated forests, Thong Pha Phum National Park, Kanchanaburi.