Key Strategy in Sustainable Development

Scope of the Sustainable Development Strategy

The Sustainable Development Strategy is aimed at defining sustainable development measures of TTW Public Company Limited group (the Company) for sustainable business operations, which aligned with the Sustainable Development Policy (the Policy) of the organization and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations by reporting on sustainable performance in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)


The Company means TTW Public Company Limited and companies in TTW Public Company Limited group such as Pathum Thani Water Company Limited and Thai Water Operations Company Limited, including those reducing or increasing in the future.

Sustainable Development means organizational management toward sustainable business goals by balancing business, society, and the environment on the basis of good governance to maintain the stakeholder’s utmost benefit equally.

Stakeholders mean persons or organizations involved in the Company’s business operations, or the Company creates a positive and negative impact influence on that person or organization, or that person or organization creates a positive and negative impact influence on the Company. The stakeholders include employees, shareholders/investors, customers, business partners, communities, and environmental agencies.

Sustainable Development Policy and Strategy

Responsible Person

Employees, contractors, business partners, and joint ventures under the Company's control are requested to comply with the Company's Policy and Strategy. The Company also encourages the joint venture to apply the policy and strategy to their operations.

Operational Promotion

1. Review the effectiveness and appropriateness of the Company's sustainable issues annually as a factor for formulating or reviewing the policy and strategy of the organization.

2. Survey opinions as well as the demand and expectations of all six major stakeholder groups, namely

business partners
environmental agencies

3. Communicate the policy and strategy related to the Board of Directors, executives, and employees, realize to create a corporate culture based on Corporate Values: “Operates business to achieve the vision and mission based on satisfaction and utmost benefit of stakeholders through;

according to their roles and duties by participating in the development of the Company's business to sustainability.

Performance Monitoring and Reporting System

1. The Sustainability Development Committee regularly monitors and assesses the performance quarterly by providing advice and recommendations for continuous improvement.

2. The Sustainability Development Committee requires a complete, quality performance report stating the cause of change or showing the performance against the goals, problem/operational obstacles, including guidelines for correction or improvement of operating results according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

Review of Sustainable Policy and Strategy

The Company regularly reviews its policy and strategy to align with the organization's practices and operating standards as well as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.