TTW organized a training course under the project. “Reviving the water quality of Khlong Bang Sue  to conserve the Tha Chin River” for community representatives and entrepreneurs located alo

15 November 2022

On November 15, 2022, TTW Public Company Limited organized a training event to educate the topic. “Rehabilitation of water quality in Bang Sue Canal” under the project Restoring the water quality of Khlong Bang Sue to conserve the Tha Chin River for community representatives and entrepreneurs located along the Bang Sue Canal, with Mr. Chatchawan Tienprasertkij The director of Customer Relations Management opened the training session this time. Which this training event was organized to create participation in restoring the water quality of the Bang Sue Canal that flows into the Tha Chin River. For nearby communities to take part in maintaining the river better water quality To bring benefits to the community and the environment. This training was honored by speakers from the Office of Environment and Pollution Control No. 5 to give a lecture and share knowledge with community representatives and entrepreneurs about community solid waste separation, Management of water quality problems in Bang Sue Canal and the installation of grease traps for communities and entrepreneurs at Khlong Bang Sue Community, Soi Rai Khing 32, Rai Khing Sub-district, Sam Phran District, Nakhon Pathom Province.

Pictures of the atmosphere of the training activities