TTW organizes an award-giving event for the Kaizen 2022 contest, Continuing the concept of efficient management.

02 December 2022

On December 2, 2022, TTW Public Company Limited organizes the "Kaizen Day 2022" activity, which is an annual event. It is a platform for employees to submit their works for competitions. and presenting activities to improve work to be more efficient In order to search for outstanding Kaizen works in various genres This time was honored by Ms. Walainut Trivisvavet, Managing Director. and the management of TTW Plc participated in listening to presentations and presenting awards. There are a total of 8 teams participating in the contest. The prizes are divided according to the criteria of 3 levels of points: Golden Award (80 points or more), Silver Award (70 - 79 points), Bronze Award (60 - 69 points). 1 Popular Vote prize for participants to participate in the event by rating their favorite works. This event is to exchange creativity. And giving honorary awards for those who present Kaizen work, as well as enhancing the development of management processes by using Kaizen techniques as well at the Yuang Nittayo Auditorium, Roman Catholic Mission.

The winners for the 2022 Kaizen Awards are as follows:

General Kaizen Group, the total score of all teams is in the Silver Award level, as follows:

Swine United Team from Baobao Project

Electric Eel team from the Quit Mud, Quit Dum (Nam) Project

Adminger Team from PTW Booking Car Project

Suggestion Kaizen Group, the total score of all teams is in the Bronze Award level has 5 teams are as follows:

ST1 Team from Sit on the beam Project

Liqual Team from Intake Water Storage Project

Krung thai Team from Flushing Cooling Line Project

Smile Shark Team from Auto Stop Project

Amata City Rayong Team Maintenance Request Online Project

Popular Vote Award, Consisting of Electric Eel team from the Quit Mud, Quit Dum (Nam) Project.

TTW is committed to developing the work potential of personnel continuously. Because we believe that personnel is the key to driving the organization towards its goals. And will make the organization move forward with strength.

Pictures of the atmosphere in the event.