TTW donated medical equipment to "Bang Len Hospital, Nakhon Pathom province" forces to fight the COVID-19 virus.

01 April 2020

TTW continuously gives encouragement to medical personnel and staff forces to fight the COVID-19 virus. Support medical equipment to Bang Len Hospital, Nakhon Pathom province, which is a hospital located in the service area of the company. By supporting medical equipment as needed by the hospital. And the necessary equipment consists of 100 kg of alcohol gel 70%, 100 kg alcohol, 50 sets of infection prevention for medical personnel (PPE), 10 masks of mask, 1,000 bottles of TTW drinking water and 40 face shields.

TTW is still ready to continue to request to be a part in encouraging medical personnel. And officers who perform their duties to the best of their ability In helping the Thai people all along In order to overcome this difficult situation together.