TTW continues the intention to send concern to medical staff and take care of society continuously

27 April 2020

TTW is continuing to deliver medical equipment to hospitals in the shortage of service areas. By supporting infection prevention kits for medical personnel (PPE), N95 masks and shower cap to Banphaeo Hospital, Samut Sakhon, Krathum Baen Hospital, Samut Sakhon and Bang Len Hospital, Nakhon Pathom. Which these devices will help increase efficiency to prevent the spread of the virus, Covid 19 to doctors and staff to be able to perform their duties to the fullest.

In addition, it also delivers the necessary medical equipment. As well as goods for patients and the elderly to “Galya Rajanagarindra Institute" which is a hospital that treats psychiatric patients. Including taking care of the elderly with psychiatric problems and this place to support psychiatric patients who are infected with Covid 19.

TTW concerned to support medical devices such as PPE, N95 masks, sanitary masks, shower cap And necessary items to cope in treating patients and taking care of the elderly.

And also provided TTW drinking water to "Baan Tantawan, Children Foundation" for 1,200 bottles for children and staffs have clean drinking water for consumption in times of crisis like this. It is considered as being a mission of the company. Which aims to improve the quality of life of the community and surrounding society To grow efficiently and sustainably