TTW sends encouragement to fight the dangers of COVID-19

20 August 2021

by giving rice boxes to Punnawithi 20 community and The War Veterans Organization of Thailand Under Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King

TTW Public Company Limited continues to deliver rice boxes to help people who were affected by the epidemic of the Covid-19 virus, by sending 200 boxes of rice boxes to the people in Punnawithi 20 Community (Sukhumvit 101/1), which is a community that the company has seen that has suffered from the epidemic situation of the covid-19 virus, to take care of and to alleviate the suffering for low-income people and the underprivileged who have suffered from the Covid-19 situation, the company has always continued to help and support the boxed rice and will continue to help until the situation improves.

In addition, the company sends 400 boxes of rice boxes, which consisted of chicken noodles, garlic chicken rice, fish fried rice to the War Veterans Organization under royal patronage in order to encourage medical personnel who have to work hard in the treatment of continuously increasing number of COVID-19 patients

TTW would like to be a part in alleviating the suffering. Ready to send encouragement to move through this crisis together.

Pictures of delivering rice boxes

Video of the delivery of rice boxes to help people