TTW joins in supporting the project to improve the place and donate teaching materials to Wat Song Phi Nong School. Pathum Thani Province.

12 April 2022

TTW Public Company Limited has supported the project to improve the area and provide teaching materials to Wat Song Phi Nong School, Pathum Thani Province, which is a school in the service area of Pathum Thani Water Supply Company Limited (the Company). This project to improve the place and support teaching equipment is to support social activities that the company has been carried out continuously, In which this time, the company has come to improve the area for Wat Song Phi Nong School. With improvements in the area paint the school building on the ground floor of the school building and improving the playground area by repairing fences and playgrounds, This is to improve the school environment to look cleaner and more beautiful.


Renovation of the school building.


Renovation of the school playgrounds area.

In addition, the company has also supported teaching equipment for the school. Which consists of a 55-inch LED Smart TV, a TV stand Supports 1 set of 55-inch televisions and 1 PC computer for the Wat Song Phi Nong School. Have been used in teaching and learning sufficient to meet the needs.

TTW supports teaching materials for schools.



Improving the landscape for the road Wat Song Phi Nong School.

TTW asks to be involved in supporting and is determined to develop communities and society in the Company's business areas It also recognizes the importance of youth education always By the company have adherence Focus on building business growth along with society Support young people to develop their education with sufficient and modern teaching equipment along with a good environment to grow into quality youth Be a good person of society, ready to be a driving force for Thai society to grow sustainably.