TTW reveals 2020 first half results. Total revenues of 3,090.8 million baht, an increase of 1.3%.

20 August 2020

TTW reveals 2020 first half results. Total revenues of 3,090.8 million baht, an increase of 1.3%.
An interim dividend was prepared to pay 0.30 baht / share and reinforce its success, being selected as a stock in “SET50” and “ESG100”.

TTW Public Company Limited, the largest water supply producer in Thailand in Samusakorn – Nakornpratom and Pathumthani and Rangsit reveal first half results of 2020 and the subsidiary has total revenue of 3,090.8 million baht, net profit of 1,332.2 million baht, ready to pay an interim dividend of 0.30 baht / share.

Ms. Walainut Trivisvavet (Managing Director), TTW Public Company Limited revealed 2020 first-half results, the overall of the company has grown compared to the same period last year. The main income still comes from the distribution of tap water because of water demand of the household sector has continued to expand.

The total assets of the Company of June 30, 2020 amounted to 22,621.0 million baht, liabilities 9,417.4 million baht and shareholders' equity of 13,203.6 million baht, with a debt: equity ratio of only 0.71.

From the first half of 2020 performance and the current financial position of the Company, the Board of Directors' meeting approved the payment of an interim dividend to the shareholders at the rate of 0.30 baht per share, representing 82.3 percent of the net profit or equivalent to the total value. 1,197,000,000 baht. The record date is scheduled for September 3, 2020 and the dividend will be paid on September 17, 2020.

Ms. Walainut Trivisvavet (Managing Director) said that in addition, the company has been announced by the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) to be a stock that has been selected to use the index calculation in the SET50 / SETHD / SETTHSI (announced on June 15, 2020). High stability even in conditions of economic volatility (Defensive Stock) and high dividend yield (Dividend Stock).

TTW has been selected to be “Universe” group of “ESG100, the Stock Exchange” as a company with outstanding performance in environment, social and governance for the 5th consecutive years (from 2016 – 2020) from Thaipat Institute (announced on July 31, 2020) This reflects that the company operates in accordance with good corporate governance principles and takes into all groups of stakeholders including the environment to create sustainable growth for the company and society, ready to be committed to doing business for a better quality of life for the people and will not stop in the development, moving forward to raise the standard to a higher.