'TTW' continues our commitment to sustainability on the principles of governance

03 March 2021


Business in the present era “Sustainability policy” is the key to driving the organization. In addition to being able to build credibility among investors, it can also determine the direction of the organization in the future through various crises both environmental, social and economic aspects. From the past situation, the organization has operated on a sustainable path proven to be able to conduct business through obstacles and problems


Thus, “Sustainability” become the element to driving the global company include leading organization in Thailand In response to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

TTW Public Limited Company or TTW, the country's largest private water supply producer in the Samut Sakhon - Nakhon Pathom and Pathum Thani-Rangsit areas, it is another organization with the goal of working for sustainability under 3 frameworks: environment, social, governance or ESG. “Sustainable development” by using the aforementioned goals as a guideline for the Company's operations covering all dimensions including economic, social, environmental and administrative under the principles of governance. In particular, the main mission is to produce tap water that is clean, safe and meets international standards. Conducting business on the basis of the balance of our stakeholders to deliver quality tap water to customers and water users for better quality of life as well as cultivating the use of valuable resources for the benefit of society in conjunction with the success of the business. In accordance with the company's commitment to "water quality, quality of life"

In part of environment, TTW designs an environmentally friendly tap water production process to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions, integrated water resource management, joining activities and continually creating water conservation projects together with the club named “We love the Tha Chin River”, Nakhon Pathom and there is a project to study tap water sediment and develop it into a product to reduce the burden of waste disposal including increasing the value of waste into a product for the benefit of the Pathum Thani Water Treatment Plant, Pathum Thani Province, in collaboration with the Center of Excellence on Hazardous Substances Management (HSM), Chulalongkorn University. Until getting the product "Terracotta Tiles" to be used in the construction of school buildings for schools in need.


At the same time, TTW also cooperates with the The King’s Royally Initiated Laem Phak Bia Environmental Research and Development and the Faculty of Environment Kasetsart University, conducted research on tap water sediment and developed into a product using "Compost" from the research results and extends to the schools located around the Banglen Waterworks to raise awareness and promote sustainable environmental conservation for the community


While committed to social creation, TW has educational programs such as supporting programs to enhance the quality of student life in disadvantaged schools to reduce inequality. By developing the school's infrastructure for students to have a better quality of life such as school buildings, toilets, a water system for consumption and drinking are being built, support teaching and learning equipment to be modernized and improving the school landscape for better living conditions as well as supporting scholarships, lunch and teaching equipment for schools in the service area to encourage morale and increase educational opportunities for students in schools with need to have more opportunities to receive scholarships. In addition, it has inserted activities for youth to know how to use water economically and the value. So that all children can be good people of society along with gaining academic knowledge. This has resulted in a strong community through a self-learning and self-standing process that is a good example of strong growth and sustainable development.


With its ongoing roles and mission of TTW, it reflects the achievements of management alongside, governance and safety from institutions in 2020, including honors “Sustainability Award 2020” by the Thaipat Institute to verify performance data through the TW present Good Development Report, which provides information on completeness and availability of the probability regulations according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) reporting framework.

TTW is one of 124 companies on the list of Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI) for the year 2020, selected by the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The company has received this award for the fifth consecutive year, reflecting the business operation of the company which see the importance to sustainable business development and taking into account the environment, society and governance (ESG: Environmental, Social and Governance). In addition, the company has been assessed for corporate governance of Thai listed companies "Corporate Governance Report of Thai Listed Companies 2020” from the Thai Institute of Directors at the“ Excellent ”level.

Not only this, TTW was selected as one of the Top 100 Sustainable Businesses (ESG 100) from Thaipat Institute for the fifth consecutive year as a listed company with outstanding environmental, social and corporate governance (Environmental, Social and Governance: ESG) and has been assessed the impact on the Sustainable Development Goals at GOLD CLASS level from the same institution. As a company that operate businesses in response to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Receiving this 2020 award all testifies to TTW's commitment that want the business to grow steadily and sustainably to be the leader in integrated water management in order to achieve a better quality of life for the people along with taking into account the environment, society and corporate governance.