TTW Public Company Limited (TTW)

The Company got registered under the name Thai Tap Water Supply Co., Ltd. on September 11, 2000. Then in 2006, the Company got listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand, increasing registered capital to 3,990 million Baht, with the name changed to TTW PCL on March 14, 2014. The Stock Exchange of Thailand classified TTW’s common stocks in the ‘resource’ group, in the category of energy and public utility business on May 22, 2008. TTW is the producer and distributor of tap water to the Provincial Waterworks Authority (PWA) instead of using groundwater, in order to solve land subsidence problems and permeation of seawater into underground water sources. TTW acquired the concession to operate the water supply business from the Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment for 25 years, using water from Tha Chin River to produce water. The water treatment plant is located in Bang Rakam Sub-District, Banglen District, Nakhonpathom. In this regard, TTW reached a contract with PWA for a period of 30 years, distributing water supply to PWA in Nakhonchaisri, Samphran, Phuttamonthon , Krathumbaen, and Muang Samutsakhon districts from January 5, 2004 onwards, according to the minimum order quantity at 200,000 cubic meters per day to 300,000 cubic meters per day. Then in December 2008, TTW made an amendment to the contract with PWA, whereby PWA is to annually increase the minimum order quantity by 9,000 cubic meters per year day for 6 consecutive years until reaching 54,000 cubic meters per day. In 2016, TTW’s daily production capacity reached 440,000 cubic meters.

With higher demand for water in the future especially in Muang and Krathumbaen districts of Samutsakhon province, TTW has hired CH. Karnchang to design, procure and construct (Engineering Procurement Construction) Krathumbaen Tap Water Treatment Plant at Khlong Maduea sub-district, Krathumbaen district, Samutsakhon . The approval was obtained from the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders No.1/2014 and the contract was dated December 23, 2014. The construction was completed in 2017 with a production capacity of 100,000 cubic meter/day and can increase to the maximum threshold of 400,000 cubic meters per day in the future. And backup for Banglen Water Treatment Plant, Nakhon Pathom Province. Now the two plants have a combined production capacity of 540,000 cubic meter/day. This plant installs the Ultra Filtration (UF) system, in parallel with the conventional system normally used by tap water treatment plants. In this regard, the UF system will be used for water production when the quality of untreated water is very low as this system integrates semi-permeable membrane in separating solutions from water or fluid without using chemicals, and it also comes with high refining ability. Thus, it is considered Thailand’s largest membrane water treatment plant with advanced technology. TTW is therefore the leader and the largest private tap water producer in Thailand. The Company is also determined to seek opportunities to expand the water business in neighboring countries, as well as continuously seek to expand energy and environment-related businesses.