Sustainable Development Policy
TTW realizes and focuses on sustainable business operations according to the company’s vision “ To be Thailand’s Leading Company in Water, Energy, and Environment” by conducting business with good corporate governance, along with social responsibility and nature and environmental conservation, in order to build stakeholder trust through transparent and verifiable processes. Therefore, the company has developed a sustainable development policy as a framework for managing the sustainable development of the organization.

Good Corporate Governance

The company follows the principles of good corporate governance, transparency, and accountability in accordance with the organization's corporate governance & business code of conduct handbook, personal information protection, and risk management, which cover the organization's value chain to ensure that business operations have continuity and shared value, including taking care of the stakeholders’ benefits in a balanced and fair manner.

Business Process Management Continually

The company intends to operate the full service business of raw water management, tap water production, and wastewater treatment, as well as explore opportunities in the energy and environmental sectors by focusing on long-term product and service value creation, customer and stakeholder satisfaction, and promoting the development and creation of business, social, and environmental innovations to achieve sustainable business goals.

Social Value Creation

The company focuses on efficient and fair human resource management as well as developing the essential knowledge and skills in accordance with the employee development plan, which includes encouraging work creativity and maintaining an occupational health and safety management system. In addition, the company encourages executives and employees to respect and comply with international human rights principles by adhering to the principle of equality and non-discrimination, which includes supporting the participation of the company, communities, and related stakeholders to create employee, stakeholder, and community satisfaction by building relationships, understanding, and strong cooperation to reduce future conflicts.

Sustainable Environmental Management

The company realizes and focuses on business operations that do not affect the environment, energy conservation, climate change, and water resource management. In addition, the company supports sensible resource use and biodiversity management, including cooperation and participation between the organization and external agencies to conserve natural resources and the environment, as well as strictly complying with environmental laws.