Sustainable Development Policy
Sustainability is a significant foundation for the Company’s sustainable growth, featuring the management approach that focuses on the principle “Quality of Water and Quality of Life” for the balance among the 3 dimensions; economic, social and environmental.

The Company’s sustainable development approach is the development of the supply chain from upstream, mid-stream and downstream, for instance, reforestation, improvement of work processes, products, services, enhancement of values and staff members’ potential, provision of water quality inspection knowledge to communities, enhancement of quality of lives, participation to solve water source problems to reduce and control the potential impact, as well as the fostering of values among all groups of stakeholders. The Company had devised the sustainable development policy as follows:

Dedication to develop business processes

With reference to the organizational mission, corporate governance, morality, fair business operations, transparency, verifiability, the rules of law, fair treatment of labor, an awareness of human rights in all business processes, responsibility towards customers, consumers, community and the environment, with an awareness of all stakeholders.

Fostering and building consciousness

Staff members of all levels are urged to be responsible for the society and environment, towards becoming an organizational culture of being a transparent, moral and ethical company. Employees’ quality of lives and well-being are also enhanced to improve the work atmosphere and surrounding, so that employees are satisfied and can improve their potential to be more effective in response to organizational goals.

Encouragement on social and environmental responsibility

With an awareness of preventing potential impact on the society and environment, as well as the incorporation of ISO 26000 as a guiding direction for work operations.

Advocacy on the organization’s sustainable development

We adhere to the Sustainability Report prescribed by GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) in business operations and reporting operating performance on social and environmental responsibility in the dimensions of economy, society and environment, in order to increase credibility of the report to be internationally accepted.

Staff members of all levels, partners and business alliances are encouraged to participate in CSR activities in an organization-wide manner

To have an awareness and behaviors that promote sustainable development in terms of safety, health and care of the environment and community.

Emphasis and advocacy on development and creation of business and social innovations

In order to create value-added features to the Company and stakeholders, as well as for the society and environment. Besides, the Company aims to further develop the innovation towards the supply chain, by collaborating with business partners in developing relevant business and social innovations of partners’ companies.