TTW continues to take care of society continuously

18 May 2020

Although the COVID-19 pandemic situation in Thailand seems to be improving. But there are still some people who are affected from this situation and still need to help. TTW continues to provide full support the communities in the service area.

TTW sent concern to the communities in the service area by Mr. Hongthong Atit, Business Development Director donate TTW drinking water and necessities for Nakhon Pathom Shelter for Children and Families, Thai Red Cross Children Home, Chalerm Rajakumari Nursery Home and Nakhon Pathom Shelter for the Elderly. For these shelters have clean drinking water for consumption and necessary items can be sufficiently used in daily life in these critical situations. Which is according to the mission of the company that "aims to improve the quality of life of communities and surrounding society to grow efficiently and sustainably "

NakhonPathom Shelter for Children and Families

Thai Red Cross Children Home, NakhonPathom

Chalerm Rajakumari Nursery Home, Nakhon Pathom

Nakhon Pathom Shelter for the Elderly

In addition, TTW staff representatives visit the area to provide additional PPE to Nakorn Pathom Hospital. Which is a device that helps to prevent and reduce the risk of getting infected with the Covid 19 for doctors and staff which in turn increases the safety and confidence of medical personnel.

NakhonPathom Hospital