Mr.Phongsarit Tantisuvanitchkul

Chairman of the Executive Committee

To The Shareholders
The Executive Committee of TTW Public Company Limited consists of a number of experts in various fields, with Mr. Phongsarit Tantisuvanitchkul as the Chairman of the Executive Committee, Dr.Sombat Kitjalaksana, Mr.Suvich Pungchareon, Mr.Hideo Matsumoto and Ms.Walainut Trivisvavet as members of the Executive Committee

In 2022, the Executive Committee, in the performance of its duties in accordance with the scope of responsibilities specified in the Executive Committee Charter as approved by the Board of Directors, convened its 4 meetings and reported said meeting results to the Board of Directors each quarter, with an assessment of key matters summarized as follows :

  1. Consider the Company's and its subsidiaries' operating plans and budgets, and propose to the Board of Directors for approval as well as to continuously monitor the performance of the management in accordance with the plan and budget.
  2. Implementation of policies and other aspects of management as well as budgeting were monitored regularly to ensure they are carried out as assigned by the Board.
  3. Consideration for projects, investments, and other usual business transactions falling under the limits or annual budget approved by the Board and within the limits of authority delineated in the Company’s Approval Authority.
  4. The Company’s business performance was monitored quaterly, including operating, financial results.
  5. The Executive Committee’s charter was reviewed and found to be appropriated and aligned with the Committee’s performance of its duties as well as with relevant policies and procedures.
  6. Performing other duties as delegated from time to time by the Board of Directors