Occupational Health and Safety Execution
The Company devised the clear safety policy and management structure in accordance with the law, by incorporating the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS18001) as the foundational guidance to improve safety standard in performing work for employees.
1. Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Policy
The Company is determined to execute the quality, environment, occupational health and safety system, focusing on participation of staff members to encourage continuous improvement as follows:
  • Product quality tap water that suits customers’ demand.
  • Create maximum satisfaction for direct and indirect customers.
  • Improve and develop knowledge, competency, skills and expertise for staff members on a continuous basis to foster an awareness on quality, environment, occupational health and safety.
  • Improve and develop knowledge, competency, skills and expertise for staff members on a continuous basis to foster an awareness on quality, environment, occupational health and safety.
  • Prevent pollution caused by the Company’s or stakeholders’ activities that might impact the environment, as well as encourage effective use of energy and resources.
  • Prevent and reduce accidents, danger and illnesses for staff members and stakeholders caused by performing the work for the Company.
  • Be prepared for emergency incidents and ensure that those incidents will not impact the Company’s human resource and assets, both internally and externally.
2. Occupational Health and Safety Goals
The Company is determined to execute the quality, environment, occupational health and safety system, focusing on participation of staff members to encourage continuous improvement as follows:
  • To become an injury and illness free organization.
3. Occupational Health and Safety Strategy
  • Create standard on occupational health and safety for all levels of staff members, with the executives as the leaders of the initiative.
  • Uplift potential and awareness of work safety.
  • Engage participation of staff members and business partners to improve and solve issues related to safety.
4. Safety, Occupational Health and Environment Committee
The Company arranged for the election and appointment of the Safety, Occupational Health and Environment Committee to report and propose measures or resolutions that align with the laws related to work safety and standard. There are 5 employees as the representatives, accounting for 8.06% of the total number of staff members.
Safety, Occupational Health and Environment Committee Members
Name-Surname Position Position in OHSEC
1. Mr. Prem Liemsakul Employer representatives, Executive level Chairman of OHSEC
2. Mrs. Benjawan Rattalerngsak Employer representatives, Commanding level Committee
3. Mr. Manas Ruenroeng Employee representative Operational level Committee
4. Mr. Wasin Buraman Employee representative Operational level Committee
5. Mr. Nopadol Tangsuwan Employer representatives, Commanding level Committee and Secretary
Employees’ Health
The Company is well aware of the fact that employees’ good health is a significant factor enabling them to perform the work assigned effectively. Hence, the Company has arranged the work setting and environment that is pleasant for employees’ well-being, with continuous monitoring and improvement.
The Company set the employees’ happiness and work safety as the KPI (Key Performance Indicator), by assigning the Safety Department as the responsible party, with the focus on quality of life enhancement that covers that following dimensions:
1. Physical Environment
  • Continuous improvement of work environment; lighting, heat, noise and danger from using chemicals, etc.
  • Monitoring of environment and annual health check-up for employees.
2. Psychosocial Environment at Work
  • Organizational culture, attitude, beliefs and work process values that are clear and stress-free will lead to employees working happily, i.e. clear policy and core competency requirement, etc.
  • Establish a LINE group to encourage close relationship, information sharing and care.
  • Internal sport competition and the establishment of sport club; jogging, walking, badminton and football to encourage healthy lifestyle and unity among employees on an annual basis.
  • “TTW Family” activity
3. Resources and Opportunity
The Company prepared necessary resources to support employees’ work execution; computer and Internet systems, edutainment room, and news system. Besides, a stage has been set for employees to demonstrate their abilities in work improvement via Kaizen activity to create opportunities and support career advancement.
Furthermore, the Company also established sport clubs; walking, jogging, badminton and football to encourage employees to utilize their time wisely and to create a habit of healthy lifestyle.
Significance of Staff Members
The Company is well aware of the employees’ significance that they are invaluable resources and are critical to the Company’s successful achievement of goals. Thus, it is the Company’s policy to develop expertise and professional experience for employees, with the focus on moral and ethical values, as well as honesty and responsibility towards all groups of stakeholders. It is expected that employees will capitalize knowledge and skills to further develop the products and services to be of the desired quality standard that align with customers’ needs, as well as to foster creativity to continuously improve work operations, leading to the Company’s consistent and sustainable growth.
Employment and Respect for Human Rights
The Company emphasizes on fair treatment of employees, with adherence to the principles of morality and humanity in operating the business, as it wholeheartedly understands that employees are the driving mechanism for the Company’s growth. The Company relies on equality, fairness, ethical treatment and respect for the human rights and human dignity and prohibits discrimination of all sorts in treating employees and all groups of stakeholders towards building a firm and sustainable foundation for organizational development.
The Company places great emphasis on products and services that meet the quality standard with dedication to customer service in order to satisfy customers’ needs in solving problems. In this regard, the Company’s revenue is mainly from production and distribution of core product; tap water and the major customer is the Provincial Waterworks Authority. Thus, the Company emphasizes on taking full accountability on the products and services provided, with prescription of work operations standards

1. Promote both internal and external training for operational employees as well as sharing experiences through Kaizen or Exchange Program and work visits between departments to develop their skills, knowledge and increase work efficiency.

2. Organize a Kaizen contest by promoting employees of all levels to participate in activities where employees able to develop innovative ideas and present their work both individually and groups. In 2020, there were 363 Kaizen contributions created by employees.

3. Presenting work to employees and executives, any work can be used to improve the work process and the results have been tested, the Company will actually use in work.

4. Establish a “Kaizen Committee” to provide guidance to employees on innovation within the organization, in addition to supervisors who provide basic advice to employees.

5. Open communication within the organization about the work created by employees in order to convey and disseminate knowledge to employees for the best benefit.

6. Giving emphasis on developing employee skills without adhering to the success of innovation, even if the work is not awarded in both internal and external contests.

7. The information of all employees that has been presented is systematically collected and the results that have been summarized are put into practice in the work.

Kaizen Examples

1. Flow Sludge Project

Running the sludge press system cannot increase the Flow Sludge Belt Press, due to the pipeline conveying sludge from Mixing Tank to Belt Press, there is no slope down to Belt and often has sludge clogged in the pipe, resulting in sludge drainage and sludge overflow from Mixing Tank.

Therefore, improvements were made by designing the slope receiving sludge from the Mixing tank and improved to be an open track instead of a pipe, resulting in increasing the amount of sludge entering the Belt Press system and reducing the cleaning of the work area due to sludge overflow from the Mixing tank.

A Performance Comparison Before - After
Details Before After Increase/Decrease (%)
Capacity of sludge 5 cubic meter / hour 15 cubic meter / hour Increase 200%
Reduce cleaning in the work area 3 times / week None Decrease 100%
Reduce the cost of electricity consumption 70,954 baht / month 23,651 baht / month Decrease 66.67%

2. Sludge Injection Equipment Project

Currently, the tap water treatment plant is an open system, resulting to dust flying in the air accumulating on the surface of the Sand Filter Tank, and cause deposits to accumulate on the walls of the sand filter tank. The workers require using the water hose and bow the head, which is to clean, it takes a long time and may cause a hazard during the operation. Therefore, the Company invented a device for injecting sludge and sand deposits on the filter tank resulting to the number of workers, operation time and risks were reduced.

A Performance Comparison Before - After
Details Before After Increase/Decrease (%)
Cleaning time 30 minutes 10 minutes Decrease 200%
Number of workers 2 persons 1 person Decrease 50%
Risk from the head hitting or falling into the sand filter tank. High Low Decrease 70%