Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
In 2016, the Company enhanced the business operations towards “sustainable development” in order to respond to sustainable development goals (SGDs) to be coherent with the context and international standard. The Company will be adhering to the business operations that are responsible for the economy, society and the environment.
In 2017, the Company presented the Sustainable Development Report to be evaluated of the Company’s operations that resonate with the Corporate SGD Index by Thaipat Institute. It turned out that the Company was ranked the 15th out of 21 companies in the category of resources and the 27th out of 124 participating companies that were evaluated the Corporate SGD Index.
Leaders from 193 UN member states had approved of the Sustainable Development Goals in the United Nations General Assembly – UNGA on Friday September 25, 2015. These will be the global development agendas for the next 15 years (2016-2030), consisting of 17 goals as follows: